Let’s Forget

Last year, we (myself included) came out all guns blazing in support of DK Ravi, an honest IAS officer who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his apartment. He took on the sand mafia and raided home minister KJ George’s shady real estate deals in the weeks leading up to his murder…ooops, I mean suicide (genuine mistake). And just like all great movements that begin online, our thoughts, prayers and status updates on DK Ravi conveniently moved on.

So here’s another story that we can all choose to forget in the days to come. Last night, DySP Ganapathy, gave a detailed interview to the media about how he wasn’t allowed to honourably discharge his duties and was constantly harassed by KJ George (who else?) and his army of ass-lickers (couple of higher-ups in the department).
After that, he quietly went back to his room and hung himself. Going by past history, if he didn’t kill himself, I’m sure somebody (who else?) would have done it for him.

At least, he wanted to move on, on his own terms.

Tomorrow, we will move on, as usual.

In spite of being named by DySP Ganapathy in his suicide note, our minister KJ George will continue to be a free man. Free enough to harass a lot more officers for breakfast; free enough to have lunch with the timber mafia; and free enough to go on dinner dates with the real estate mafia. Nothing will change, as usual.

So please share this story and make sure more people forget about DySP Ganapathy in the days to come. Because if the contribution of an upright cop is not worth remembering, then it is surely worth collectively forgetting.


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